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Latest Episodes…

  1. His Most Obedient Servant

    His Most Obedient Servant is a tragic tale of the struggles of gay men in Victorian Britain. It is late-Victorian England and Francis is personal secretary to Lord Rosebery, a candidate in a battle to succeed Gladstone as Prime Minister. Francis’ father, the Marquis of Queensberry, ...


  2. Frozen

    Frozen. A dark tale of two very opposing worlds colliding. The effect two total strangers can have on each other when events spiral out of control, when people are thrown together one night by chance. Frozen was Wireless Theatre’s first ever radio drama, recorded back in 2007! Frozen ...


  3. Enter Queen Lear

    Enter Queen Lear is an audio drama based on the theatrical production of the same play. An ageing, glamorous film star falls in love with a younger man. Now, past her cast-by- date, she agrees to play Lear as a woman simply so she can act once again. Throughout rehearsals, she is confronted ...


  4. Emails Abroad

    Emails Abroad, by Julia Messenger and Shirley Mawer is a radio play based on travels abroad. Relayed by e-mails between the ingenuous first-time traveller and her disillusioned home-bound sister, it culminates in their role-reversal, with the possibility of closure, a tragic end, or a new beginning. Emails Abroad Starring: Maggie Turner and  ...


  5. Deception

    Deception. Audio Drama. 1936. The rising danger of fascism is setting Europe ablaze. In England the policy is to keep the peace at all costs. But not everyone believes this is either wise or safe.  One such man, Clair, returns home to the midlands with a dark and terrible secret; a ...