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Latest Episodes…

  1. DELETE Episode 2

    Sue's latest relationship takes a nasty turn, and as Tanya struggles to stay clean, Patricia wants to change the world... but it’s not the 60s anymore and the rules are different online. A funny, poignant and ultimately shocking play about an unlikely friendship between three ...


  2. DELETE Episode 1

    Tanya needs to serve her community sentence by teaching Patricia how to use the internet. Sue is Tanya’s parole officer, and she's dating. Mostly men with beards. A funny, poignant and ultimately shocking play about an unlikely friendship between three women in a world saturated in online abuse, ...


  3. The Kiss

    Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura defy orders from studio executives and become the first inter-racial couple to kiss on an American TV series. Recorded live at The Pleasance King Dome (fluffs and all!) as part of the Wireless Theatre ‘Couples Who Changed The World’ season at Edinburgh Festival 2014. “In a moment ...


  4. The Ceremony

    On a quiet coast lies the seagulls, a distressed ship and the home of lonely lady and her gardener. Then the quiet is broken by the doorbell, the peace shattered by the past. Starring: Jack Bowman, Jenny Runacre and Anthony Sergeant,  Directed By: Prunella Scales Written By: Anthony Sergeant,  Edited By: Jeff Moreno,  Directed By: Prunella Scales,  Music By: Daniel Brett ...


  5. Turning the Tide

    Ever since he was young, Larry has tried to avoid confrontation. Recently widowed, he tries to be a good father to his son Toby. When Toby is suspended from school for fighting a bully Larry faces a dilemma: how can he be a good father in Toby’s eyes if he doesn’t ...