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Full cast audio drama productions from the award winning Wireless Theatre Company. Look for our other podcasts, or see our full catalogue at wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Rum Runner Sue The Lady And The Lug

    Rum Runner Sue, prohibition-era bar owner and skilled amateur detective. Things started to go south that night when a bootleg rum shipment, and the bootlegger, failed to arrive… Rum Runner Sue The Lady And The Lug Starring Billie Jo Konze as Sue, Justin Kapla as Big Ben Taylor, your announcer, and Al ...


  2. Ground Up

    October 2019: environmental protests are erupting all across London. Extinction Rebellion protesters have blocked roads, glued themselves to aeroplanes and banks, and taken over Trafalgar Square. But this isn’t a story about XR. Scattered by movement through and around the protests, five objects go unseen on the city streets, and each ...


  3. Cake

    Cake, an audio drama starring Maggie Turner. 73-year-old retired Betty was absolutely overjoyed when she recently became employed as a taste-tester at The Marigold Meadow Organic and Gluten Free Bakery, after answering an advertisement in the Hillingdon Recorder. However, a couple of weeks ago she was given some ...


  4. DELETE Episode 2

    Sue’s latest relationship takes a nasty turn, and as Tanya struggles to stay clean, Patricia wants to change the world… but it’s not the 60s anymore and the rules are different online. A funny, poignant and ultimately shocking play about an unlikely friendship between three women in a world saturated in ...


  5. Silver Wedding

    Silver Wedding by Fiz Marcus. After 25 years of marriage Barbara is determined to celebrate her Silver Wedding Anniversary in style with a black tie dinner for 60 people at The Metropole. And nobody, but nobody, is going to spoil it for her. Written and performed by Fiz Marcus Edited By: Lester Barry ...