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Latest Episodes…

  1. Peace and War

    Peace and war is a factual drama based on a WW1 nurse diary. Inspired by the author reading her mother-in-law’s diaries of her times in Germany in the early 1900’s and as a nurse in France during World War 1.  ‘Evelyn’ was a remarkable woman who lived through ...


  2. Purple Moon

    Purple Moon is based on the life of Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Actors Avi Nassa, Andrew Ward and world renowned guitarist Esteban Antonio, who has been playing the guitar since the age of three, combine talents and collaborate to throw dramatic light upon the intense and shocking life of perhaps ...


  3. Lie Detector

    A suspect is questioned by a secret service agent using sophisticated polygraph equipment with surprising results. a short and powerful satire written by Peter Yates. Lie Detector Starring: Reuben Anderson and Mariele Runacre Temple. Written By: Peter Yates Directed By: Neil Frost ...


  4. Laying Ghosts

    When Connie’s beloved husband Jack dies after 27 years of marriage, Connie hopes that her only son Gary will console her. Gary, however, finds that level of commitment a bit, well, too much of a commitment. Connie is left with interfering neighbour Val until Gary’s girlfriend Sandra rings with some ...


  5. Karen's Town

    It’s 1965 and a pregnant Karen and her two children are moving to a new estate. It looks like the future – but what does the future have in store? Spanning six decades, Karen’s Town takes us from 1960′s London, through the turbulent 1980′s, the dawn of a new millennium ...